Aufnahmedatum: 1943 December 9
Dauer: 0:59
Beschreibung: Schoenberg thanks Leonard Stein and Clara Steuermann (née Silvers) after a performance of his Kammersymphonie no. 2, op. 38. In English.
Signatur: 21/C (0:59); 96/D (untimed); 50/R7 (0:48)
Publikationen: keine


: This recording has been played by Miss Clara Silvers and Mr. Leonard Stein. Both have been my pupils for several years at UCLA and they are among the very best I had. Here they had also the opportunity to show their ability of piano playing but more, and much more, and more important, they show also a great understanding for my music which is very satisfactory for me because it shows that a good musician will always have an understanding for what is created at the time when he lives. Thank you.


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