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Object #35 / Arnold Schönberg: Near Mountains


Arnold Schönberg Center, Wien

“It is well-known that when bad weather is approaching, in other words when the weather is still fair, mountains or other objects that are far away seem to be much nearer than on other days, whether warm or cold, or on clear days when the weather is stable. I have the following explanation for this: the approaching bad weather is already in the atmosphere with a (particularly large) moisture content. The moisture, vapor bubbles, have an effect even when invisible, like magnifying mirrors (concave mirrors), and therefore shorten the distance.”

Arnold Schönberg's fields of interest beyond music: linguistics, physics, war sciences, interior design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, carpentry, transportation, economics, road and urban planning, medicine, mathematics, sports sciences, horticulture, human biology, meteorology, behavioral research and veterinary science.

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