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Object #57 / Villa Lepcke

Arnold Schönberg to Alban Berg
October 2, 1911

Austrian National Library, Vienna

In late September 1911 Schönberg moved into the former studio apartment of the sculptor Ferdinand Lepcke in Berlin Zehlendorf. He lived there with his family until May 1913 and worked on the fair copy of “Gurre-Lieder,” “Foliage of the Heart,” op. 20, and “Pierrot lunaire,” op. 21. On October 2, 1911 Schönberg wrote to Alban Berg from his new domicile that was located in the heart of an expansive natural landscape: “My dear friend, there are no words to describe the beauty of where I am living. There is even a huge park here!”

Schönberg’s name appeared in the Berlin telephone book with an extension oft he Lepcke number, Zehlendorf 249. The entry reads “Arnold Schönberg, Composer and Composition Teacher, Office Hours 1–2”

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